Homeschool Connections

ACES provides a connection to science for homeschooled students.  Our certified instructors are qualified to guide students through a carefully crafted curriculum designed to engage students through hands-on science exploration.  Classes are small and include all necessary supplies.  Parents are encouraged to "connect" with ACES through input and feedback.

ACES Home School Connection Courses


$15 per Student

9:45am - 11:15am


**Each Program has 2 parts

February 13th & 27th 


Students will explore a crime scene and use investigation and lab tools to explore a crime scene.   The use of blood splatter examination, blood typing, fingerprinting techniques will be used.  Students will also engage in fabric flame tests, chromatography and ink analysis.

March 5th & 26th 

 Ocean Life 

Students will dissect squid and learn about how they survive in their environment.  (This is a full dissection lab)  Oil Spill Lab - Your company has been hired to clean an oil spill in the Gulf.  Students will learn about oil spills and current ways to help ocean life through healthy and efficient ways to clean the spill.

April 16th & 30th 

Architecture and Design 

Students will plan, design and build their own structures.  Create your own structure by creating designer homes, marble runs, castles, mazes and more.